A.A.R. Testing Laboratory, Inc. has been at the forefront

of the inspection and testing industry since its founding in 1989

Key Personnel and Organization

Founder and President of A.A.R. Testing Laboratory, Inc., Kimberle Anderson manages day-to-day operations, financial and staffing decisions. Technical operations are delegated to Technical Director, Jerry Anderson and Laboratory Manager Michael Blackwell. By WABO rules for Special Inspection and Testing Laboratories, the Technical Director is to be a qualified engineering manager and is ultimately responsible for overseeing operations of the firm and ensuring it remains compliant with its respective accrediting body or bodies and that staff follows applicable code in the completion of its work. Jerry is assisted by Field Supervisor Michael Trow, who oversees Structural Steel Welding and Bolting, and Field Supervisor J.D. Blisserd, who oversees Reinforced Concrete, Post- Tensioned/Prestressed Concrete and Shotcrete. Similarly, Michael Blackwell, as our Laboratory Manager, is responsible for overseeing all materials testing—soils, concrete and asphalt, all staff tasked to carry out these tests and the equipment used in the laboratory and in the field.

Both Jerry Anderson and Michael Blackwell directly oversee all inspectors and laboratory technicians, and are responsible for supervising their actions to the extent necessary to ensure their respective responsibilities to applicable accreditation rules are followed.

A.A.R. employs qualified inspectors, soils, concrete and laboratory technicians, including respective lab and field supervisors. Our laboratory is staffed by Michael Blackwell and Jesi Hoover, who currently functions as assistant laboratory manager, plus two laboratory technicians.

Our three field supervisors ensure that our staff in training receives adequate knowledge and that prescribed field procedures are followed. The strong combination of licensing creates flexibility for A.A.R., both in terms of day-to-day operations of servicing multiple projects, but also in the long term, as our newest employees always have several inspectors with diverse experience from which to seek knowledge. Our ability to retain and grow such an excellent staff is what truly makes A.A.R. great, and why we enjoy the success that we do.